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Computer Lab

The application of computers is widespread making it an integral part of our daily life. To meet such standards students at Little Star Academy are provided IT knowledge from the lower primary level. Our computer lab is well equipped with the latest systems and internet facility. It maintains a 1:1 student to system ratio. Students are made accustomed to computers and its lineaments like usage of Internet, Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, movie maker, graphics and also their applications from the young age.


Theories of science fail unless put to application. Senior students have the exposure to the Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories that contain all the necessary instruments. They conduct experiments under the vigilance of professionals. This leads to a scientific understanding of the principles. Performing experiments and carrying out projects instils a spirit to think more and create something new. This is further put to appreciation at our annual science exhibition.


Books are the best source of knowledge. From Indian culture to the modern technology, books contain content of each and every topic. Leisure hour reading is equivalent to reading a course book. Besides knowledge it improves a child’s imagination and language skills. Library is thus an important section of our institute. The library at Little Star Academy is set up by hired professionals, which bears novels for all the age group of students. Books are arranged in different sections based on age groups and themes. This makes picking the novel of appropriate level and interest much easier. Magazines, periodicals, journals, newspaper, reference books are the add-ons. Our purpose of developing an extensive library is to encourage our students to become passionate reade